The house call dentistry is more of a patient-centered dental delivery to the homes of patients. This is in a bid to improve patient's access to dental clinicians via mobile dentistry and an innovative Dentulu "uber-like" platform. Even with the recent reforms in the health sector that are geared towards delivering more specialized healthcare solutions to some select set of people, Dentulu ensures that the right dental clinician gets to the patient. Some of the patients for house call dentistry might be held for many reasons. Some potential reasons include:

  • Lack of transportation or poor access to medical facilities
  • Issues with mobility like an injury or disability
  • Issues with the vision that could make driving to a dental clinic dangerous
  • Memory problems such as Alzheimer
  • Multiple chronic dental conditions with complexity in management

Any of these reasons could hinder a patient from gaining access to a dental clinic. This is where Dentulu house call dentistry, plays a crucial role. Combine with the Dentulu application; the mobile dentistry model would help in getting proper dental and oral health across to everyone. Our house call dentistry is characterized by certain features.

Complete Mobile Dentistry tool kits

There is no lack of the right tools to carry out the proper dental checks on patients with our house call dentistry solution. Every tool you’d need in a traditional dental clinic is provided in our RVs. No need to look somewhere else.

Access to well trained Mobile dentists

What is a house call dentistry solution without a mobile dentist? We don't just have mobile dentists; we have well-trained and industry-worthy mobile dentists ready to cater to the dental needs of your patients wherever they may be. All mobile dentistsare trained to carry out the regular dental procedures carried out in a traditional dental clinic, so you need not worry about the quality of service as they are top-notch.

The Application

Dentulu simply makes life easy by creating an “uber-like” application/platform where you can automatically be matched with a dental clinician made available for your house call patient. You can get access to dental health programs such as dental screening, dental sealants, fluoride varnish, and other health programs just by clicking on your smartphone.

Why Choose Dentulu for your house call dentistry?

  • Provide access to dental care for hospice patients with ease
  • Reduced cost
  • Break the barrier to receiving proper dental care
  • Easy to use the mobile application to access mobile dentists for your patients
  • Reliable dental solutions at all levels
  • 100% support from Dentulu
  • Access to only the best mobile dentists in the industry
  • No more worries on how to find a dental clinic close by

Not everyone might be comfortable going into a dental clinic. The solution is the Dentulu house call dentistry solution that empowers you to get access to quality dental and oral healthcare services at the comfort of your homes using your smartphones. It’s that easy!



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