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Dentulu’s Incredible Dental Care Services

We are still providing dental care as we were before the pandemic.

Dentulu, Inc. is one of the undisputed leaders among the oral care service providers in Los Angeles and it is inching towards becoming the largest dental care service provider. Dentulu’s services reach both urban and rural areas. In Los Angeles, the dentists and clinicians in the Dentulu network are highly compassionate and provide professional, world-class care to their patients.

In regards to oral care services, we are open to serve everyone in the community. We are able to reach patients even if they are located in remote areas. Our dentists are able to travel to the patient’s desired location through our mobile dentistry services. In addition to mobile dentistry services, we are able to connect with the patient virtually through the Dentulu dental app. If there is a transport issue or physical barrier, we are able to use teledentistry in order to reach out to patients who live in remote locations.

Our dentists have years of experience and they are able to handle all oral issues. Our care professionals work as a team in every aspect of oral care delivery. Rather than having patients visit us at a traditional brick and mortar dental clinic, we are able to visit our patients through community areas, schools, and senior citizens’ homes. The Dentulu network is full of dentists, clinicians, and specialists who are very active in serving patients. We don’t deny patients treatment due to their financial status or whether they are located remotely. Our dentists are able to deliver high-quality, compassionate service regardless of the circumstances.

For instance, the coronavirus pandemic has caused many issues in the world. Due to the pandemic, everyone has been forced to step back from their usual activities. People are very cautious due to the increasing number of deaths. But Dentulu is determined to continue to provide covid-proof dental care to our patients. We allow patients to connect with our dentists and care professionals through dental app-based teledentistry. We are still providing dental care as we were before the pandemic. The current circumstances have taught people to rethink the infrastructure of oral healthcare. It’s highly suggested that patients and dental practitioners register with Dentulu if they haven’t already done so. The current health emergency should not be a barrier to accessing care when we are capable of delivering care through digital technology.