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Virtual Dental Home Care Services by Dentulu

Virtual Dental Home Care Services by Dentulu

The oral health system in Los Angeles is not adequate due to many issues. One of the issues is the low dentist-to-population ratio. Another issue is that a lot of people do not have access to dental services. For some, financial restraint deprives them from getting quality care and treatment. To deal with all of these issues, Dentulu has introduced various modes of dental treatment, such as virtual dental homes. The objectives of virtual dental homes are:

  • To improve access to oral healthcare services
  • To generate oral health awareness
  • To adhere to sustainable dental practice
  • To address financial liabilities of treatment

We are able to serve low-income groups in the community through virtual dental homes. In this way, we adhere to community-based dental care practice. We are able to provide diagnostic and preventive oral care services in communities that are deprived of access to dental care practitioners. We select locations like schools and nursing homes as virtual dental homes to provide oral care services.

We provide affordable treatment through our virtual dental home set up and use portable dental equipment and telehealth technology to communicate with dentists in their dental offices. We have a team of dental assistants and hygienists who reach the community to address oral issues. Dentulu’s designated dental assistants collect the following patient information at the virtual dental home:

  • Intraoral photographs
  • Teeth charting
  • Digital X-rays, etc.

Additionally, we provide preventive care such as:

Afterwards, our dental assistants upload the patients’ medical information in the HIPAA compliant Dentulu dental app. This is done through a secure web-based platform so that the dentist may be able to review this information securely and remotely. Based on the review, a treatment plan is developed by the dentist. If a patient requires complex treatment like tooth restoration or root canal therapy, then they are referred to a specialist. If required, a dental appointment is also scheduled. Once the treatment is delivered, patients are suggested to contact the next community center for future preventive oral care service.

Our virtual dental home service reaches people where social services are being rendered. The objective behind this approach is to reduce the hindrance of travel when trying to get dental care. Treatment through our virtual dental home is very helpful, especially for children and adults who have complex health issues. People in the community often opt for dental treatment through virtual dental homes because it is successful in eliminating barriers like geographically isolated places and transport issues.

Dentulu has been providing virtual dental home care service for over a decade of time. It is a cost-effective model to deliver services. Therefore, dental professionals who provide treatment through brick and mortar clinics have the opportunity to replicate our model. By doing so, they can collaborate with many people and deliver oral healthcare services, leading to an increase in revenue. In order to practice through virtual dental homes, dental practitioners must register with the Dentulu app. Then, they will be able to leverage unlimited patient access opportunities through teledentistry for providing dental care services.