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Explore the Potential of Teledentistry

Explore the Potential of Teledentistry

Teledentistry comes under the scope of dentistry in medical care, and it has great implications both in urban and rural areas. For instance, if a patient from an urban location is in severe dental pain, they can seek the services of a dentist by using teledentistry. Similarly, for people in rural areas who may not live near a dental clinic, they can seek treatment by using teledentistry. For some people in remote locations, distance is a big hurdle in getting oral care services. All of these needs are efficiently met through teledentistry. This communication technology addresses many barriers to dental care, such as:

  • Access
  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Quality of dental care

Health care has dramatically changed over the years. The credit for this change goes to the advent of telecommunications. This technology is used to send data, images, and graphics for the objective of clinical care. Teledentistry is also a subset of telehealth that is making a considerable impact in oral health care services.

If you want to have a real-time consultation with a dentist, you can use the video connectivity feature of teledentistry. Otherwise, you can exchange relevant clinical information and images through the store and forward feature of teledentistry. It is up to you and the way you want to seek the service of a dentist. While going through the features of teledentistry, you may be questioning how one experiences a teledentistry visit. A teledentistry visit is like a standard dental visit at a traditional clinic. First, the dentist receives the patient’s dental history and medical record. Along with this, the dentist also collects images the patient has taken through an intraoral camera. After collecting all this information, an appointment with the patient is scheduled.  

Teledentistry services can be accessed through the dental app. This app has been offered by Dentulu to deliver convenient dental care services. Moreover, Dentulu has been providing unique dental consultations by the most experienced dentists. By using the teledentistry feature of Dentulu dental app, one can consult the dentist regarding their oral issues. People can even consult the care professionals through teledentistry to seek advice on whether their case is serious enough to warrant an in-person visit to the clinic.

The strength of teledentistry is that without seeing the patient in-person, the dentist can provide preventive and diagnostic services. Teledentistry is also a great tool for inter-professional communication due to its authentic and reliable communication features. The user’s privacy and confidentiality are taken care of with absolute security. That is why it is advised to use the Dentulu dental app and medical care from the comfort of your home. Our objective is to prevent unnecessary visits to healthcare centers and empower patients to use teledentistry to get timely and effective oral care services.