Tele-denstistry App-The Ease of getting Dental Treatment Your SEO optimized title

Tele-dentistry App-The Ease of getting Dental Treatment

Tele-denstistry App-The Ease of getting Dental Treatment

Los Angeles based experienced dentists and technology professionals in association with Dentulu Inc. have established a tele-medicine facility. This facility has increased the efficiency in providing dental treatment and simultaneously gives an opportunity for dentists to join the group to enhance their professional experience. The key advantage of tele-medicine is to widen the reach of dental health care to remote and inaccessible areas. To a large extent, it has minimized the urban and rural dental care divide in the area of accessible dental health care.

The beauty of tele-medicine is that it enables patients to interact with dentists directly by means of video conference in order to get treatment advice. There are two benefits to tele-medicine and patients can use both to their advantage. The first benefit is that patients are able to get quick relief by contacting an emergency dentist to deal with any dental issues. The second benefit is for patients who are affected by chronic diseases. Mobility is a big issue, so patients can get in touch with a virtual dentist as is required for their dental treatment. Even dentists can get advice from dental specialists when providing in-house treatments to their patients.

Dentulu Inc. has a mobile unit on wheels to offer specialized dental care to serve patients at their doorsteps. This service is known as mobile dentistry. It has state-of-the-art equipment, a basic set of diagnosis equipment, an X-ray unit, and satellite connectivity through the dental app and has been doing scheduled rounds. The patients who have been deprived of quality dental care and reach of specialty care have shown immense relief in getting dental care through mobile dentistry.

Tele-medicine can be used when seeking a virtual second opinion. When a dentist comes across a complicated case, they can consult another dentist virtually. All they need to do is upload the details of treatments, diagnosis reports, and images on Dentulu’s HIPAA compliant software. After receiving this information, the virtual dentist can offer a second opinion through video call or chat. Ever since Dentulu Inc. has started the use of tele-medicine, it has witnessed thousands of teleconsultations. This indicates the concept of virtual treatment is successful and will keep on gaining momentum in the future as well.

Treatment through virtual consultations works well, especially for follow-ups as the patient has already met the dentist and feels comfortable interacting with them. Therefore, patients can schedule dental appointments as well as follow-up sessions at their convenience. Our revolutionary tele-dentistry app is capable of ensuring a seamless connection between patients and dentists. Even dental clinics can incorporate the use of virtual care treatment in order to provide more services to the population. Tele-dentistry provides patients with the opportunity to go through the dentists’ profiles and choose the dentist who they prefer and specialize in the treatment they are seeking. Feel free to download the app and register with Dentulu.