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Mobile Dentistry for Children and their well-being

We are still providing dental care as we were before the pandemic.

Good oral-care is indispensable for children and their well-being, as children are susceptible to many oral health issues. It is very common for children ages five to eleven to develop cavities, which can lead to those children developing oral infections if they are not provided with good dental care. It is also more common for children to need braces and for teenagers to need wisdom tooth extraction surgeries, of which the side effects can include altered facial appearance and bad breath.

All of this happens because most children lack oral healthcare awareness. They’re often busy with school activities and sports, and consume a lot of junk food that is bad for dental health. Moreover, the majority of children are not capable of setting up appointments or making visits to clinics on their own; they need the support of a parent or guardian, who may not always be available to help. To tackle this issue, Dentulu has built a mobile dentistry service specifically for children. Parents who are too busy to take their children to a dental clinic themselves can simply set up a mobile appointment for their child, and set a location for a dentist to meet their child.

With our mobile dental vans, Dentulu reaches out to schools as a low cost alternative to a dental clinic that children and their parents can take advantage of. This way, children aren’t required to spend extra time to visit a dentist. A mobile dentist can be scheduled to have an appointment with a child during school hours and on school grounds, where children often feel more comfortable than they would at a dental clinic. And there is no drop in care quality because our mobile dental vans are fitted with the state-of-the-art equipment for the best treatment available. We also make an effort to target school in low-income areas, where access to good dental care is not as widespread. We want to see better oral health reach even underserved children and communities.

Dentulu also conducts oral health awareness programs in schools and encourages teachers to help educate their students about oral health. The mobile dental services we provide and educate about include dental screenings, preventive care like dental sealants and topical fluoride, tooth and gum restoration, and extraction, to name a few.  Once they have completed our awareness programs, parents and schools will be able to manage all of their children’s and students’ dental health issues.  And if they need mobile dental service, they can easily book an appointment on Dentulu’s dental app, where they can also find information and listings about all the top local virtual and mobile dentists. They can even book a group session for the whole school, or just for their own family. Mobile dentistry is simply the best option to continue getting in-person dental care and remaining in good oral health standing, even when physical and financial barriers make it seem impossible.