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Mobile Dentistry that Makes Oral Care Accessible

Mobile Dentistry that Makes Oral Care Accessible

Oral health is a significant component of our general health. Unfortunately, dental disease is rampant in the population. Dental diseases can be prevented as long as there is timely intervention. However, many people lack dental awareness and preventive knowledge in regards to oral health. Moreover, people from rural areas, children, and senior citizens are deprived of basic dental services due to lack of accessibility. There is also a shortage of dentists that makes it difficult for the population to access oral care. Driven by the idea of providing dental care services to those in need, Dentulu has proposed the concept of mobile dentistry, in which a fully-equipped clinic is sent to patients’ doorsteps.  

Due to a lack of access to adequate oral care, it is important to contact mobile dentists. These dentists practice and prescribe medicine just like a brick and mortar clinic would. They assist in preventive and educational aspects of oral health needs.

Our mobile dentistry services function on the principle of the B2B and the B2C model. In the B2B model, businesses can join us by registering with the Dentulu dental app. Once the registration process is complete, businesses can book the services of mobile dentists to get oral health care services for their employees right at their workplace. On the other hand, the B2C model allows people to individually register with our app to book dental services whenever required. We have conducted many oral care services for various businesses. We have extended our services and teamed up with many dentists, dental clinics, and hygienists. Thus, you can find a lot of oral care service providers in our dental app.  

We provide mobile dentistry services to various institutions like schools, senior living centers, hotels, and others. Over the years, we have developed a deep understanding of people in low-income groups and we reach their communities to serve them. The dentists associated with the app have hands-on experience in addressing oral health issues. Our mobile dentists respect individual patients and their privacy. We provide oral care services to people of all backgrounds. We create an environment of trust and honesty for our patients. Our dentists empathize with patients and understand their perspectives. Our dentists resort to evidence-based practice and the treatments they provide offer long-term sustainability.

As noted above, we pay special attention to patients. They no longer have issues accessing dental care services. Our dentists are just a few clicks away when you use the dental app. This is why people from remote areas are excited to use the app and explore the oral care opportunities that are available through mobile dentistry. For patients, mobile dentistry has made access to dental care easier and allows patients to get care at an affordable cost. Even dentists can use the app to provide services within the sphere of mobile dentistry.