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The Application of Tele-dentistry in Dental Education

The Application of Tele-dentistry in Dental Education

Tele-dentistry has an important role in dental health care services. It also has a significant role in dental education. Tele-dentistry has roots in telemedicine. Telemedicine is the application of technology to send data and graphics including video images. This communication takes place between dentists and people who are unable to get clinical care from dentists. We know that tele-dentistry has been widely used in the area of dental care services. However, this technology is also very helpful in dental education.

Online education can be broadly categorized as web-based and interactive video conferencing. Web-based instruction functions on the basis of educational information that is developed and stored. It is used by students as a form of studying. There is no time restriction when studying with this web-based education. However, some feel this type of education may not be as effective as it lacks face-to-face instruction by a faculty member. On the other side of online education, there is interactive video conferencing. In this way, dentists come face-to-face with the patient to educate them regarding oral issues and what treatment options are available. The benefit is that the patient better understands the condition of their dental health. Dentulu facilitates both web-based and interactive video conferencing dental education.

Let’s describe online dental education from the perspective of students who are pursuing dental degrees. Here, education through video conferencing brings in positive reactions and enthusiasm from both educators and students. Like the students, dentists can be educated by specialists from a different location by using tele-dentistry. Furthermore, tele-dentistry can be used as a HIPAA compliant dental chat room. Patients or students can chat with their dentist or instructor in order to exchange vital dental information. 

Therefore, it can be inferred that tele-dentistry has a wide scope when it comes to dental education. Considering these aspects, Dentulu has been a frontrunner to provide dental care services as well as education. The experts at Dentulu suggest using the dental app in order to fully obtain the benefits of tele-dentistry. This app enables those in need of dental care to come together with dental professionals by using telecommunication technology.

Patients can have interactive video conferencing with a Dentulu dentist. If you have not joined Dentulu, perhaps you might have previously had to pay a large sum for your dental treatment. You can bring in a lot of changes to your dental care by registering with the app. On the other hand, if you are a clinician or dentist, you might not have had good business in dental care as brick and mortar clinics do not bring you as many patients as possible. However, if you join Dentulu, the sky is the limit as far as the commercialization of dental care service is concerned.

Register with the Dentulu dental app to leverage the advantages. The app allows dental professionals to maximize their dental practice through tele-dentistry. If you have any issues with using the app or if you have any questions related to tele-dentistry, feel free to contact our experts.