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Tele-dentistry in Dental Applications

Teledentistry in Dental Applications

Teledentistry is a valuable tool in the realm of oral health care. Patients using this technology are as satisfied as those getting treatment from a clinic by making in-person visits. The use of this app-based technology is not just confined to preventive care or receiving a diagnosis. Tele-dentistry has spread its reach to other areas of oral care treatment. Here are some examples in which tele-dentistry can benefit certain dental applications.

Role of Tele-dentistry in Maxillofacial Surgery

Tele-dentistry has been helpful in assessing patients regarding dentoalveolar surgery. It is as reliable as a traditional means of treatment. Tele-dentistry is cost-effective a means of care, considering the issues of transport and time constraint. The surgeon can simply use their smartphone and download the Dentulu dental app so that they can get access to digitally shared images and provide treatment with this knowledge in mind. This is how maxillofacial patients are treated.

Role of Tele-dentistry in Endodontics

By using tele-dentistry, dentists from remote locations can provide root canal treatment. Thanks to the information that is shared by patients, dentists can access their patients’ dental images and X-rays. This technology can be used for diagnosing periapical lesions. Thus, patients and endodontists receive mutual benefits as far as endodontics is concerned.

Role of Tele-dentistry in Orthodontics

In orthodontic treatment, tele-dentistry can provide many advantages. Suppose a patient is diagnosed by a dentist. This diagnosis can be sent to an orthodontist for remote supervision. Even general dental practitioners can screen patients and refer them to orthodontics by using tele-dentistry. Moreover, tele-dentistry is useful to deal with minor emergencies such as rubber ligature displacement.

Role of Tele-dentistry in Prosthodontics

Here, video conferencing is used for making a diagnosis as well as treatment planning. Dental specialist services can also be used by people who live far away from urban areas.

Tele-dentistry is the best alternative for delivering dental services. Wherever there are instances of unavailability of specialists, tele-dentistry has filled the gap, which is why it is getting more popular. Dentists who have not yet adopted the use of tele-dentistry are always welcome to join through the Dentulu app. Practitioners have a great opportunity to use this technology and upgrade the means of dental care treatment to the next level. Patients and clinicians are realizing the potential of tele-dentistry every day.

Those who feel uncomfortable having a remote dental consultation can opt for a dental house call. Once the patient chooses the date for a dental appointment with their dentist, the latter arrives at the patient’s preferred location as scheduled. The patient has two choices for getting treatment: either through a virtual consultation or by calling a dentist to their doorstep. Whatever the patient chooses, one thing is certain: the Dentulu dental app creates new opportunities for dental care treatment. For more information, you can consult the experts at Dentulu Inc.