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Virtual Dental Consultation

Virtual Dentistry

Virtual Dental Consultation: Dentulu Inc is in solidarity with patients who have barriers that prevent them from getting dental care. That’s why Dentulu management focused on developing the app. It was developed by competent developers who incorporated easy-to-use features to the app. The dental app contains features that support dentists and clinicians. There is a very simple process for getting registered, which is the first step in order to contact a dentist. Dentists can also get in touch with patients who are in need of a consultation. The idea behind developing the app is that the traditional means of dental treatment are not always very efficient. The reason being that long waiting times at the clinic and travelling to the clinic are inconveniences that patients are not always willing to undertake.

The Dentulu app allows communication between patients and dental professionals. Patients may have questions about what time dentists are available to provide a consultation, and what is the cost of using the app. Patients can use the app to communicate with an available dentist 24/7. There is no cost required to download the app, as it can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. There is no easier way of getting dental treatment other than the app-based method. The app always welcomes new patients. They can simply upload their dental images and list their symptoms. The virtual dentist can quickly reply with a treatment plan and a prescription with medications for the patient.

Download the Dentulu Virtual Dental Consultation app here.


Virtual Dental Consultations had been never easier than before. Download the Dentulu app, register yourself, find one of your existing dentist or speak to a new dentist all at comfort of your home.