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The American Teledentistry Association

The American Teledentistry Association

The American Teledentistry Association, or ATDA, aims at enhancing access to dental and oral care through the implementation of teledentistry. The advantage of teledentistry is that in-person visits to a clinic or health center are not required. Rather, a patient can have the same interaction with a dentist and share any necessary medical information remotely online. The ATDA also hopes to be a source of education and knowledge. Through teledentistry, we can teach the public at large about oral health and how they can help themselves maintain their own oral health.

One member of the ATDA is Dentulu. They follow all the standard guidelines and provisions set forth by the ATDA, and in conducting their teledentistry practice this way, have forged a credible presence in the market and reached millions of patients. For patients, teledentistry is a very convenient way to communicate with a dentist at a reasonable cost. The patient will always get the service of a licensed and registered dentist.  Dentulu’s certification department weeds out any fraudulent or unlicensed accounts, so patience can always know that they are receiving quality care from a trustworthy source. Patients are also entitled to evidence-based treatment, developed specifically for them and their individual needs. Advantages like these and more are guaranteed by Dentulu and the ATDA.

With Dentulu, patients are able to customize their dental care. Whenever a patient uses Dentulu’s teledentistry service, they can select the service of a specific care professional by searching by name, expertise, experience, etc. This way, Dentulu not only provides a variety of options for every patient, but maintains transparency in their teledental practice. If required, both patients and dentist can request documents containing all the medical records and treatment information delivered in detail. Individual treatment plans are not developed in isolation, and the patient’s own opinion is taken into consideration when considering the type of treatment required or being administered. Dentulu’s dentists and dental professionals follow all the protocols and guidelines set by the ATDA. Under the ATDA, Dentulu is equally advantageous for both patients and dental professionals.

Any patient wishing to receive their dental and oral care virtually through teledentistry simply needs to download and register on the Dentulu app. Then they’ll be able to access all of the services mentioned above and more, including synchronous and asynchronous teledentistry. Plus, coverage and reimbursement are simple and automatic. All these conveniences are possible thanks to Dentulu’s partnership with the American Teledentistry Association. Whenever you need oral care services, look to Dentulu and the ATDA.