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Towards Equitable Dental Care

Towards Equitable Dental Care

People are now aware that quality dental care is a necessity for better overall health. However, the lack of adequate oral health care infrastructure is a big concern. Quality dental care services are quite expensive and sometimes people are unable to afford the treatment they need. This is why there must be a shift to ensure that the public is able to get access to oral care service.

There is no doubt that oral health care is better thanks to the evolution of teledentistry. By using this technology, patients are now getting better exposure to the services of trained and competent dentists. They are getting the service they need on time without a significant wait like they would have at a brick and mortar clinic.

Dentulu has improved oral healthcare through its dental app. The app serves people on two fronts: accessibility and affordability. You might have come across big hospitals and recognized clinics that make headlines for their services. However, their presence is confined to major cities like Los Angeles and are beyond the reach of rural people. For these patients, the recognized name in health care is a barrier because the ability to get care on time is still an issue.

Furthermore, access to quality healthcare is directly proportional to the ability to pay. Can the average patient afford high-quality oral health care services? To overcome the conflict of patient and service providers, the focus has moved towards high-tech oral care services through teledentistry. Many low-income patients are benefitting as oral care can now arrive at their doorstep. To gain these services, patients are booking mobile dentistry services through the Dentulu dental app. Thus, the need to visit city clinics has disappeared. The same is the benefit for the practitioners as they are able to treat patients from remote locations and gain more revenue in the process.

The significance of getting quality oral care has increased through teledentistry. We are witnessing the promotion of oral care and equity in health care because of this app-based technology. The gap between those who were able and unable to get care has dwindled over the years. Every patient, despite their geographical location, is able to access dental care services at their chosen time. Therefore, it can be inferred that equality of healthcare, especially oral care, has prevailed and people are leveraging the advantages to the fullest by using the dental app. In fact, the app has changed the mindset of people when it comes to accessing dental care services.