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Traditional Vs. Online Dental Appointments

Traditional Vs. Online Dental Appointments

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, and this includes the oral healthcare industry. Appointment scheduling is one of the major processes in this industry. Today, patients want a well-calibrated, convenient appointment system. There are various types of appointment scheduling systems prevalent in the market. The first one is traditional appointment scheduling. Here, the number of appointments is very limited and it takes many days if not weeks to meet a dentist or physician. On the contrary, online appointment scheduling has no limit. Anyone can book a dentist’s appointment as needed. In the case of online dental appointments, a patient is given a time period, perhaps one or two days prior for an advance booking. If patients are assigned for same-day treatment, the dentists make an extra effort and work overtime to deliver the oral care services.

If there is high demand, different dates are given through online appointments. In the age of Dentulu, online appointments take place through its dental app. Registered users can book online appointments in two ways. One way is by the patient requesting the type of service they seek through an online request form in the app. Once the form is filled out by the patient, the dentist will communicate with the patient to deliver service based on the available time slot. Another method of appointment consists of a patient selecting the dentist of their choice and making a request from the available time slots. In both cases, patients can assume the appointment schedule as confirmed.   

As compared to traditional methods, online dentist appointment booking has the upper hand due to the following reasons:

  • 24/7 convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Patient satisfaction

These are Dentulu’s objectives to ensure that patients get the maximum ease of use. At the same time, online appointments balance the patients’ preferences and the dentist’s workload. Additionally, the online appointment system ensures an increase in clinic efficiency. From the patients’ perspective, they can choose the dentist who is better aware of their medical history. This makes it more convenient for patients to receive high-quality dental care services.

In the traditional methods of having appointments, there is always an issue of unpunctuality. It happens most of the time as patients arrive at a time that is different from the scheduled time. If it happens, the patient’s waiting time is increased. Unpunctuality on the dentist’s part occurs due to overcrowding, which also delays the time of the physical appointment. However, this sort of obstacle can be overcome by instead making online appointments. Once a time is fixed for an online appointment, both parties must adhere to the scheduled time. Otherwise, a patient can defer it if they are unable to comply with the fixed appointment time. Opt for online appointments by making an account with the Dentulu dental app today!