Dental Procedures FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to dental care procedures and treatment.

Providers FAQ

Introducing Dentulu!


Introducing Dentulu, the world's first on-demand mobile dental app that lets providers instantly connect with patients, provide treatment options, and easily grow their practice. Stop wasting time and money on multiple different platforms to complete a case. With the world's leading mobile dental technology coupled with an entire dental office on wheels, Dentulu has been called the next Uber for dental professionals, empowering dental professionals to better serve their patients by saving them time and money.

Millions of patients across the United States can now benefit from this mobile dental service where a dental professional can be scheduled to come to a patient’s home with a simple click of a button. Providers can also video conference with patients, address dental concerns, and provide second opinions for both new and recurring patients.

Register and download the Dentulu app today by visiting or calling 888-905-0226 to begin experiencing the future of dentistry. Expert dental professionals are only a click of a button away.

Who can use Dentulu?


Dentulu is open to all licensed dental professionals based in the U.S. We are proud to have a growing base of dental hygienists, general dentists, emergency dentists, cosmetic dentists, endodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons treating pediatric to geriatric patients and everyone in between.

Where is Dentulu available?


Dentulu is available nationwide and honored to be active throughout the U.S. To create an account, simply navigate to the Registered tab to take advantage of Dentulu's growing list of essential tools and services recognized as the "Best of Class" by the ADA's 2020 Cellarant awards.

Why do dental professionals use Dentulu?


As a one-stop solution for the dental industry, Dentulu saves time and cost by digitizing and streamlining the practice of dentistry via the most powerful, intuitive teledentistry platform on the market. Reduce overhead costs, missed appointments, expensive patient management subscriptions, and increase your operation efficiency via one platform. Reach patients with a click of a button and enhance your patient satisfaction rate; this is the future of dentistry.

Is Providers data safe with Dentulu?


Dentulu uses a fully-secured, HIPAA-compliant encrypted cloud server that only you can access with your account. Nobody else will be able to access patient data without your credentials. Period.

How do I contact Dentulu?


For any questions, comments, or concerns contact Dentulu Support by calling 1-888-905-0226, emailing, or simply going to the Contacts Tab on the Dentulu website.

Getting Started

What is Dentulu?


Made by dentist for dentists, Dentulu is proud to provide busy dental offices the most comprehensive, easy-to-use Teledentistry platform in the world. Saving you precious time and decreasing those high overhead costs, Dentulu is an all-in-one cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant treatment management platform that both you and your Dental Office can use to connect with new patitnets and monitor existing patients. Instead of using the typical 8-12 platforms to complete a case, Dentulu’s Dental Practice Management System brings together leads, appointment bookings, asynchronous consults, synchronous video teleconferencing, patient monitoring, treatment plans, and more all under one user-friendly roof.

What services does Dentulu provide?


Patients can also choose to set up synchronous virtual consultations, in-person consultations, and even asynchronous photo consultations through Dentulu’s one-of-a-kind intraoral camera, MouthCAM. Additionally, dentists will be able to schedule appointments, digitize forms and documents, provide treatment plans, monitor follow-ups, send referrals, and even provide electronic prescriptions to the patient’s local pharmacy all through the Dentulu app from the comfort of their own home.

How do I create a Dentulu account?


To Register, open any browser and visit or download the Dentulu app, available on both the Apple and Google Play Stores. After filling our the licensure information required, verified dental providers will be registered to connect with patients.

What is Dentulu’s MouthCAM?


MouthCAM, designed by Dentulu, is a revolutionary artificial intelligence software, packed in a handheld, lightweight, rechargeable intraoral camera designed to supplement the Dentulu app. The size of a toothbrush, patients can now provide dental professionals a live view of their teeth, mouth, and gums wherever, whenever. Connect to WiFi and check on Invisalign, Perio, and Ortho patients, screen cosmetic cases, conduct postoperative monitoring for implants, extractions, and soft tissue grafts, all the while promoting patient education.