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Dentulu’s Intraoral Cameras are a great tool for patient education and can be purchased to allow a dentist's point of view directly on your mobile phone or on your computer. You can take pictures of your teeth, gums, and even monitor your oral hygiene and alert your dentist when you suspect any problems. This MouthCAM is easy to use and 100% wireless. The camera is rechargeable with a USB attachment and connects to all smart phones with ease.

The MouthCAM’s small size makes it convenient to take to school, work, or even on your travels. Simply keep it inside a small bag or pouch and you are good to go!

MouthCAM Features
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About MouthCAM

MouthCAM, designed by Dentulu, is a revolutionary artificial intelligence software, packed in a handheld, lightweight, rechargeable intraoral camera that wirelessly captures HD quality images inside one’s mouth, while also providing a live video feed to one’s dentist.

The size of a toothbrush, patients can now provide dental professionals a live view of their teeth, mouth, and gums wherever, whenever. Connect to WiFi and allow your dentist to remotely monitor your dental health, detecting dental problems early. With MouthCAM you save time, money, and those painful dental problems before they get out of control.

What does MouthCAM do?

The CAM in MouthCAM -- which stands for “Check-Assess-Monitor” -- is a technology created by Dentulu to be used with various cameras, including intraoral cameras or just the standard camera on a smartphone, for dental services. Patients can utilize the MouthCAM software to identify oral pathologies and review images and videos of their mouth with their dentist. MouthCAM software can also be used to identify pathologies on other difficult to see/reach areas of the body such as one’s ear, nose, or scalp.

Purchase your own Mouth Camera and begin experiencing a whole new way to monitor your oral health! Additional tips can be purchased for family members.

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MouthCAM Applications: COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, the traditional face-to-face practice of dentistry has become more difficult and unsafe for both patients and providers. MouthCAM helps both parties connect quickly and easily by helping den tal professionals monitor their patient’s oral health virtually Not only is this safer, it is cheaper and faster for both patients and providers. Dental professionals and patients save unnecessary travel expenses in terms of meeting each other for a general check up when they could instead send the images ahead of time to be reviewed by the dental professional.

The dental professional can then address cases that are truly urgent enough to be treated face-to-face. Also, MouthCAM helps educate patients about their own teeth, providing more accurate and quality care in helping improve their oral health.

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