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An App for Dental Health

An App for Dental Health

How it started

A team of young entrepreneurs from India and the U.S wanted to start something new in the healthcare business. They came up with the Dentulu dental app. It is a mobile app that allows patients to book dental appointments and have dental care delivered at their doorsteps. There is also an online portal containing a lot of information regarding the app’s services and uses. Most patients travel to a dental clinic and wait for hours for an appointment. Why not offer the treatment at the patient’s house? This is the question that spurred the entrepreneurs to develop the app and provide treatment through tele-dentistry.

How it works   

Download the Dentulu dental app for Android or iOS and use it to your advantage. Right now, the app serves patients from almost all areas of Los Angeles. Soon, it will reach other locations of the U.S. as more and more dentists and clinicians join the app. We offer mobile dentistry services as per the scheduled appointment. Many senior citizens and patients with mobility issues use the app. We also reach out to businesses and schools to provide dental care and educate patients about oral health care. With so many dentists and care providers available, it is quite difficult to select a dentist. This is where the app can assist patients in selecting a dentist they prefer, as well as their preferred location. Patients can also share their experience on the basis of the treatment they received.  

Our focus

Customized dental treatment, on-time delivery, and reasonable costs are some of the essential features that we focus on providing with our service. Thanks to the option of customized treatment, patients can decide the way they want to be treated. Thus, they have the choice to video conference with a dentist, which is enabled through the application of teledentistry. Otherwise, they can book appointments for mobile dentistry. Dentulu values our users’ time and always commits to arriving on the time of the scheduled appointment, making sure that the services have on-time delivery. When it comes to dental care cost at brick and mortar clinics, patients had to make a rough estimate of traveling expenses, in-person appointment fees, etc. If the patient required follow up visits, then the cost automatically multiplies. To counter these expenses, the Dentulu app is the best tool to get care at an affordable cost.   

What’s next?

Dentulu receives hundreds of appointments on a daily basis. Many of the patients we get are from making workplace visits. After receiving the benefits of this service, one employee contacted us to provide treatment to his elderly father. This shows that the patients we have treated are satisfied and are referring the services to their family and friends. We have a larger plan to take Dentulu out of Los Angeles. The plan is being developed.

Dentulu provides a huge opportunity for dentists and clinicians to multiply their business. All they need to do is register with the app. Once they are finished registering, they will find a lot of ways to explore dental care services to their benefit. It is a process, but dentists and clinicians are sure to get a large base of patients searching for dental treatment.