June 18, 2020
2 min

Bridging the Connection Between Dentists and Patients in a Virtual Environment

As more people use technology to instantly access dental treatment, it is possible that upcoming generations will be strangers to the brick and mortar clinics that […]
June 17, 2020
2 min

Get Tips for Healthy Teeth with the Dentulu Dental App

Everybody wants healthier teeth. However, lack of awareness leads to failure in maintaining proper dental hygiene. For instance, the practice of improper brushing and poor rinsing […]
June 16, 2020
2 min

Teledentistry is a Boon for Oral Care

Teledentistry, the latest flagship oral healthcare initiative of Dentulu, has two objectives. The first objective is to roll out comprehensive, patient-centric basic oral care. A citywide […]
June 15, 2020
2 min

Telemedicine Services Are Gaining Momentum

Telemedicine has benefited millions of people ever since the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted people’s lives across the world. From January to now, people across Los Angeles […]
May 14, 2020
2 min

Virtual Dentistry: The Future of Dental Treatment

Patients can submit their intraoral images and share their concerns, and this information is recorded and stored to be reviewed later by virtual dentists. This is […]
May 13, 2020
2 min

Towards Equitable Dental Care

People are now aware that quality dental care is a necessity for better overall health. However, the lack of adequate oral health care infrastructure is a […]
May 12, 2020
1 min

Leadership in Oral Care in Los Angeles

Dentulu is committed to patient care in Los Angeles, regardless of where patients are located. Dentists in the Dentulu network treat and care for their patients […]
May 11, 2020
2 min

The Status of Oral Health in Los Angeles

Oral health is generally an overlooked area when it comes to overall health. People are usually unaware of how negligence of oral health leads to other […]
March 21, 2020
2 min

Dentulu: Providing Oral Care Services for All

Rural oral care services in Los Angeles are not very encouraging. There is a clear divide between the rural and urban population regarding access to dental […]