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Teledentistry is a Boon for Oral Care

Teledentistry is a Boon for Oral Care

Teledentistry, the latest flagship oral healthcare initiative of Dentulu, has two objectives. The first objective is to roll out comprehensive, patient-centric basic oral care. A citywide network has been created through the dental app. So far the existing oral health services in Los Angeles are able to cater to one-quarter of the population, which means that the majority of people do not have access to oral care. To bridge the huge unmet needs of oral health care services, teledentistry has played a significant role. Children and the elderly are vulnerable groups in society who need more oral care due to their age. Since mobility is an issue for these groups, they usually don’t get the service they deserve. This is why children’s parents and the elderly’s family must use teledentistry to get immediate access to oral healthcare services.

Our aim is to build a strong and next-generation oral healthcare system in America that will assist people in protecting their oral health. For instance, diagnosing and treating oral diseases for all age groups would avert serious dental issues. Dentulu has committed to using its resources effectively through teledentistry. It is similar to general practice but is done through teledentistry, without the patient having to make an in-person visit with a dentist. Prevention is the key to maintaining good oral care health. Opt for preventive treatment with a dentist from the comfort of your home.

Dentulu’s second objective is to provide dental care services to patients at their doorsteps. The mobile dental unit can reach patients, provided they book for mobile dentistry services. They will get all kinds of treatment like they would in a regular clinic. The treatment under mobile dentistry will cover the majority of the people in the community as it increases access to dental care. Another benefit is that access to oral care is more affordable, because in a normal course of treatment patients must spend money on transportation. Moreover, treatment is provided by recognized and competent mobile dentists. Treatment package rates and adherence to treatment standards are other added benefits.

Whether it is an in-person visit and treatment inside a mobile clinic or a video conference interaction for getting treatment, the root lies in technology, which is the Dentulu dental app. It enables all modes of treatment. In fact, the app becomes the first point of contact and communication with a dentist. It spurs the growth of digital treatment, thereby teledentistry has become the turning point for the oral healthcare sector. The same is applicable to dentists as far as their means of the dental practice is concerned. They now have the ability to provide remote care services to patients that are located far away from them. The lopsided practice by dental surgeons in urban centers has also minimized to a large extent because of teledentistry.