Empowering Patients with CrystLCare™ Biorestorative Treatment Products

Dentulu, Inc. is excited to bring you a series of novel biorestorative treatment products, the first of which is now available. CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free marks a significant advancement in healthcare based on innovative biotechnologies from GreenMark Biomedical Inc. The first CrystLCare™ product comes as easy-to-use fully dissolvable dental strips, crafted to relieve dental sensitivity using natural components.

As a premier product from GreenMark, CrystLCare™ dental strips reflect the company’s commitment to innovative and eco-friendly health solutions. GreenMark has been working to develop a range of related fluoride-free and fluoride-containing products based on its patented bioresorbable particle technology designed to specifically target tooth porosities and deliver essential tooth mineral components, in order to combat dental sensitivity and strengthen enamel.

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Insights into CrystLCare™ Dental Strip Products

Do you experience tooth pain:

  • Dentuluwhen eating or drinking cold, hot, acidic, sweet, or salty foods or beverages?
  • Dentulu when brushing your teeth?
  • Dentulu with tooth whitening?

CrystLCare™ Biorestorative products are easy-to-use, dissolvable dental strips that provide both immediate and long-lasting relief from dental sensitivity. Each package contains 14 strips for convenient once or twice daily use, making it the dentist-recommended choice for on-the-go relief, promoting remineralization, strengthening enamel, and preventing demineralization that causes cavities. Additionally, CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free prides itself on being a natural, vegan, gluten-free, and artificial coloring-free product, truly harnessing the power of nature for optimal dental care.


Immediate Sensitivity Relief:

Designed to quickly alleviate discomfort from sensitive teeth.


Long-Lasting Protection:

Continuous use helps in maintaining long-term dental health and protection against sensitivity.


Tooth Mineralization:

Promotes the deposit of natural minerals into the teeth, strengthening the enamel.


Natural and Safe:

Contains tooth mineral components and natural bioresorbable ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and additives.






Direct Method


Tray Method



Major Problems in Dentistry: DH and Caries

Dental Hypersensitivity (DH): Up to 74% of population

Caries Disease: > 95% of population

Traditional DH


Current Products: Limited Efficacy/Short Duration

Whitening DH


Reduces Patients’ Desire for Professional Whitening

Dental Caries


Need Effective Early-Stage Noninvasive Treatment

Dental Sensitivity is Usually Caused:

  • when you have receding gums and the outermost protective layers of your teeth (enamel or cementum) are lost or damaged. This exposes dentinal tubules and stimuli such as temperature or pressure are then transmitted within the tubules to affect the nerves, causing pain.

  • when whitening agents such as peroxides pass through the enamel to reach the tooth pulp, irritating the nerves and causing inflammation and pain.

Dental Caries Impacts Almost Everyone:

  • when detected on X-Ray it’s generally found too late and the disease has already progressed into the dentin or the pulp causing a cavity that requires a filling.

  • The large unmet need is non-invasive treatment of caries at an earlier stage, while still in enamel.

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How It Works: The Science Behind CrystLCare™ Biorestorative

Innovative Formulation for Maximum Effectiveness

CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free is a convenient dental strip product, which uses mineral-loaded starch particles to effectively deliver active ingredients into dentin tubules and enamel porosities to combat sensitivity.

Here’s how the process works:


Natural Mineral Blend:

CrystLCare™ strips offer a powerful blend of calcium and phosphate, which are essential components of enamel and dentin, stabilized by modified starch particles to provide a non-invasive solution for dental care. This natural combination promotes mineralization of dentinal tubules and fortification of enamel, supporting oral health without invasive procedures.


Targeted Delivery:

Upon application, the strips dissolve in saliva, initiating the release of mineral-loaded starch particles. This targeted delivery system allows for precise and deep penetration into dentin tubules and enamel porosities, addressing sensitivity at its source and providing long-lasting relief.


Biomimetic Mineralization:

Enamel on the tooth surface and the dentin underneath are largely made up of calcium phosphate crystals, also called hydroxyapatite. Through the action of enzymes in saliva, calcium and phosphate are liberated from the CrystLCare™ starch particles, fostering the formation of hydroxyapatite. This mimics the natural remineralization process of teeth filling porosities and creating a protective barrier, which enhances enamel strength and resilience against external stressors.


Tooth Protection:

Hydroxyapatite deposits accumulate and effectively fill deep into dentinal tubules and enamel porosities. This mineralization process mitigates the risk of future acidic or mechanical damage, promoting sustained dental health and long-lasting sensitivity relief.

Key Benefits of CrystLCare™ Dental Strips

CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free dental strips stand out as the preferred choice, endorsed by dental professionals for their unmatched efficacy. Experience superior sensitivity relief and enamel fortification, surpassing competing products in the market. CrystLCare™ dental strips offer several key advantages:

  • Quick and Long-Lasting Relief for Sensitive Teeth:

    Our dental strips offer fast and lasting relief from tooth sensitivity, ensuring you can enjoy life without any discomfort getting in the way. Say goodbye to sensitivity and hello to smiling and enjoying your favorite foods and drinks without worry.

  • Stronger, Healthier Teeth:

    Regular use of CrystLCare™ strips not only relieves sensitivity but also strengthens tooth enamel, providing added protection against cavities. With stronger teeth, you can confidently take on each day with a brighter smile and better oral health.

  • Pure and Natural Care:

    Enjoy the benefits of a treatment that is made with natural ingredients, suitable for vegans, gluten-free, and free from artificial colors or fluoride. Our strips offer gentle yet effective care, giving you peace of mind with every use.

  • Convenient and Easy Application:

    With our simple-to-use strips, you can apply them anytime, anywhere, seamlessly fitting into your daily routine. No need to hide your smile, because seconds after you place one of the opaque white strips on your teeth, it turns invisible, with a silky soft-mint taste experience. Whether at home or on the go, maintaining your oral health has never been easier or more convenient.


Scan QR Code for full instructions

For detailed instructions and additional information, click this link or scan the QR code using your smartphone camera or QR code reader app (also located on the back of the package).

Experience the Future of Dental Care with CrystLCare™ Dental Strips

CrystLCare™ dissolvable dental strips offer a groundbreaking approach to dental sensitivity management. Its fluoride-free formula delivers swift and long-lasting relief from discomfort while actively restoring the mineral balance in teeth, promoting stronger enamel. Endorsed by dentists, CrystLCare™ dental strips provide accessible solutions for optimal dental health. Purchase yours conveniently through Dentulu and embrace a brighter, healthier smile.

Usage Instructions:

  • Prepare:

    After brushing and flossing your teeth, ensure your hands are clean and dry before applying CrystLCare™ dental strips.

  • Apply (Direct Method):

    Immediately before use, tear open the individual foil sleeve packet containing the dental strip. Moisten teeth, then apply the strip directly to the area where sensitivity occurs. For precise application, align the strip with the affected tooth or teeth. For rapid relief, leave the dental strip in place for 3 minutes.

  • Tray Method (Preferred):

    For optimal results, use a dental tray, such as a mouthguard or aligner. Place the dental strip in your tray over the affected tooth or teeth and gently press it into place. Leave the tray and strip in place for 20 minutes to allow for deeper penetration of the active ingredients.

  • Rinse:

    After the recommended application time, the dental strip will have dissolved. Rinse out any remaining product. For best results, avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after product application.

Transforming Sensitivity Woes into Smiles - Hear It from Users

DentuluCrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free dental strips are a game-changer for my sensitive teeth. They work fast and don't contain fluoride, which is a big plus. I've tried numerous products before, but these strips truly deliver on their promise of rapid relief. I appreciate having a natural option that actually works! Dentutlu

Dentulu Doctor

Michael L

DentuluCrystLCare™ dental strips are my new go-to for sensitivity. They're natural and get the job done without fluoride. I've been pleasantly surprised by how effective they are. Plus, they're so easy to use. It's great to finally find a product that aligns with my preference for natural ingredients. Dentutlu

Dentulu Doctor

John P

DentuluMy dentist suggested CrystLCare™ sensitivity strips, and I'm impressed. They're easy to use and perfect for when I'm on the go. I've noticed a significant improvement in my sensitivity since incorporating them into my routine. It's reassuring to have a product recommended by professionals that actually works. Dentutlu

Dentulu Doctor

Emily S

DentuluI was skeptical but buying CrystLCare™ dental strips really works for me. They're fluoride-free and provide quick relief from sensitivity. I've been using them for a while now, and I'm consistently impressed by their effectiveness. It's refreshing to find a product that lives up to its claims. Dentutlu

Dentulu Doctor

Sarah T


CrystLCare™ Biorestorative Fluoride-Free dental strips are innovative oral care products designed to provide rapid relief from dental sensitivity without the use of fluoride.

These strips work by delivering hydroxyapatite-forming active ingredients that help restore minerals to teeth, strengthening enamel and reducing sensitivity to hot, cold, and acidic stimuli.

Yes, CrystLCare™ dental strips are safe for most individuals when used as directed. However, it's recommended to consult with a dentist if you have specific concerns or medical conditions.

While other products will be available shortly for dentists and patients who prefer fluoride protection, CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free dental strips are formulated without fluoride, offering an alternative solution for those who prefer fluoride-free oral care products.

For optimal results, use CrystLCare™ dental strips as directed, typically once or twice daily or as recommended by your dentist.

Many users report immediate relief after using CrystLCare™ dental strips. However, individual results may vary, and consistent use may be necessary for long-term benefits. If sensitivity continues with consistent use of CrystLCare™ dental strips, it’s recommended to consult with your dentist, as your sensitivity may indicate a more serious issue.

CrystLCare™ dental strips are formulated for ages 6 and older. For personalized recommendations for your child's dental care, we advise consulting with a pediatric dentist.

CrystLCare™ dental strips are available for purchase through authorized dental professionals and select retailers. Visit our website for more information on purchasing options.

While CrystLCare™ dental strips are formulated to be safe, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you have allergies or sensitivities to any of the ingredients.

The duration of relief provided by CrystLCare™ dental strips can vary depending on individual factors such as the severity of sensitivity and oral hygiene habits. For sustained relief, it is recommended to use the strips regularly as part of your oral care routine and as directed.

Yes, CrystLCare™ dental strips can be used alongside other oral care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. The dental strips work best when applied right after cleaning your teeth.