Saliva Testing & Oral Pathogen Screening

It is a non-invasive way to detect and diagnose various dental issues. Talk to the experts using Dentulu.

Are you experiencing cavities, periodontal disease, or bad breath?

Saliva Testing: Is Your First Line of Defense Against Oral Disease.

Although your oral cavity appears to be healthy, you may still have pathogenic germs that are impacting your overall health. It's time to act!

What role does your oral health play in your general well-being?

In a nutshell, it can tell more! A visual examination or a swab of saliva can tell your dentist a lot about your general health.

oral health play in your general well-being
Why so much importance to saliva

Why so much importance to saliva?

The most effective defense against decay is saliva. Saliva, which contains a wide range of hormones, antibodies, cytokines, antimicrobial compounds, and enzymes, all play an important part in the protection of your oral tissues. The following are some of the health advantages of saliva:

  • Remineralizing the enamel
  • Lubricating oral tissues
  • Maintaining oral mucosa health
  • Supporting the sense of taste

A Saliva Test Can Help You Avoid Hidden Dental Problems!

Treatment methods are getting more and more effective, and diagnostic tools are growing in sophistication, as modern dentistry advances to new technological heights. However, prevention is better than cure, it's wise to talk to our experts at Dentulu.

A Saliva Test Can Help You Avoid Hidden Dental Problems
Why Test with Dentulu

Why Test with Dentulu?

By bridging the patients and professionals through the teledentistry app, we provide reliable and effective reports to prognosis dental issues in the treatable stage. At Dentulu, with the help of accurate salivary testing, we ensure our patients are getting comprehensive oral reports from experienced dentists all around the world.

The Saliva Test Is ‘A Wake-up call’ for Optimal Oral Health.