Dental financing options for affordable dental care

Whether you're looking for routine dental care or need expensive services, financing options can help make dental care affordable

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Dental Financing

A few dental financing options to consider

  • Dental Insurance
  • Dental Discount Plans
  • Care Credit
  • In-House Financing
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Benefits of Dental Financing

No upfront costs

With dental financing, you can begin receiving dental treatment immediately without having to pay any upfront costs.

Flexible payment options

Dental financing plans typically offer flexible payment options, so you can choose a plan that fits your budget.

Low-interest rates

Many dental financing plans offer low-interest rates, making it easier to afford your dental care.

No annual limits

Unlike dental insurance, dental financing plans do not have annual limits on the amount you can spend on dental care.

Benefits of Dental Financing
Our dental finance service

Our dental finance service

If you can’t afford to pay for necessary dental care all at once, dental financing may be an option. Dental financing can come in the form of personal loans, medical credit cards or even payment plans directly from your dental provider.

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Dental financing is a way to pay for dental care that allows you to spread the cost of treatment over time. There are a variety of dental financing options available, including dental insurance, dental discount plans, and in-house financing.

Dental financing works by allowing you to pay for dental care over time, typically in monthly payments. This can make dental care more affordable and easier to budget for.

There are several benefits of dental financing, including no upfront costs, flexible payment options, low-interest rates, and no annual limits. Dental financing can also cover pre-existing dental conditions.

There are a variety of dental financing plans available, so it's important to compare your options to find a plan that fits your budget. Be sure to consider the cost of the plan, the interest rate, and the terms of repayment. Click here to know your plan.

If you have bad credit, you may still be able to qualify for dental financing. Some financing plans require a cosigner with good credit, so be sure to ask about this option when you're considering dental financing.

Yes, you can use dental financing for cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, veneers, and braces. Be sure to ask your dentist about their financing options for cosmetic dental procedures.