Let's say what you need is a retainer kind of dental healthcare, one in which you have a relationship with the dental clinician for an annual fee. This can see you getting free from long wait lines in a dental clinic and also saves you from dealing with clinicians who feel like strangers to you. There are certain advantages and privileges a dental patient receives when using a concierge dentistry model.

Better Access

The first privilege received by dental patients when using the concierge dentistry model is the better access you get to a dental clinician health team. The team is available to you both day and night to deliver top-notch oral care to you. This is not a matter of receiving an email from the dentist; this is more of a one-to-one dental care 24/7/365. The dentulu concierge dentistry model is built alongside the dentulu app with which you can reach out to your dentist and the dentist will be right at your doorstep.

In-house communication and dealings

With our Concierge Dentistry, you have specialized treatments in-house whenever possible. This ensures you don't have to drive to a brick-and-mortar dental clinic to get dental care. All you ever need from dental screening, dental sealants, fluoride varnish, and other dental care would be carried out by a well-trained dental specialist.

Proper dental care coordination

Every aspect of your dental health is properly coordinated amongst the dental clinicians in your concierge dentistry team. Everyone knows just what to do and the right direction for your treatment. This also helps you in the proper scheduling of appointments for different sectors of your dental health.

Closer proximity to your dentists

With the Dentulu Concierge Dentistry solution, you have close proximity with your dentists no matter where you live. This is made possible by the mobile dentistry solution and “uber-like” application provided by Dentulu.

Why Choose Dentulu for your concierge dentistry?

  • Provide access to personalized dental care with ease
  • Reduced cost
  • Break the barrier to receiving proper dental care no matter your location
  • No need to stand in long waiting queues to see a dentist
  • Access to a specialized team of dental health workers
  • Easy to use the mobile application to access mobile dentists from the comfortof your home
  • Reliable dental solutions at all levels
  • 100% support from Dentulu
  • Access to only the best mobile dentists in the industry
  • No more worries on how to find a dental clinic close by

A combination of Dentulu's mobile dentistry solution, mobile dentistry application, and a specialized team can help you realize better dental and oral health without you worrying about how to get to a dental clinic. The combination of these solutionsis built to bring more robust oral health to you anywhere in the world. Our Concierge Dentistry solution is just a perfect fit for you.



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