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Virtual Dentist Appointment - Finding a trusted dentist that is affordable and reliable on Dentulu is simple and painless. Dentulu helps you find and meet your dentist virtually, get second opinions, and even get referrals to local dental offices where you can receive the care you need. You can also apply for payment plans, shop products, receive cosmetic consultations, and even have pain medications and antibiotics sent directly to your pharmacy simply by downloading the free Dentulu mobile app.

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Dentulu Patient Benefits

Virtual Dentist Appointment

Emergency dentists open afterhours

Dental Emergencies occur when you least expect them. Licensed Dentists on the Dentulu network are available on demand to help you when you need them most and out of the emergency room.

Virtual Dentist Appointment

Mobile dentists that come to you

Want to avoid the traffic or the dental office in general? Dentulu offers matching services to local dentists and traveling providers who can come to your home, workplace, or location of choice

Virtual Dentist Appointment

Smile makeover test drive

You would never buy a car without a test drive so why would you invest in a smile makeover without getting a virtual test drive first? See yourself with that perfect smile with smile simulations and get advice from cosmetic dentists before you begin a smile makeover.

Virtual Dentist Appointment

Get antibiotics / Pain medications

Dentists on the Dentulu network are licensed in their respective states and can prescribe you the medications you need when you need them most. Once you finish your consultation, the Dentist can determine if medication is necessary and prescribe recommended meds directly to your pharmacy.

Virtual Dentist Appointment

Painless second opinions

Getting dental second opinions has never been so easy and affordable. Just register your account and upload your dental records and we will shop it analyze them to get you the best prices and advice possible.

Virtual Dentist Appointment

Payment plans & Dental insurance

Dentistry can be expensive but you can find payment plan options and even apply for dental insurance or membership plans directly on the Dentulu platform.

24/7 Dental prescription coverage: Medications sent directly to pharmacy

Dental pain and infections can be unexpected and life threatening! Get access to immediate medications that are recommended by a licensed dentist through the Dentulu mobile app.

  • Prescription Antibiotics
  • Pain Medications
  • Prescription Mouthwash and Toothpaste
  • Anti-Inflammatory Medications
  • Cold sores and blisters and more
24/7 Dental prescription

Photo consultations using selfies

Save time and money with easy photo consultations sent directly to a dentist without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Getting a dentist’s opinion on your treatment options has never been so painless. Take a couple of selfies and show us your smile! Our expert Dentists will review your photos and comments and give you a 10-point report with estimates and recommendations as well as a personalized video response!

Apply for payment plans and easy Dental financing

Ease the pain of Dental costs with no hassle monthly payment plans that are accepted by dentists around the entire nation. There is no cost to apply and most plans come with 0% payment plans on approved credit. Don’t let your Dental problems get any worse due to finances! Dental financing allows you to get all the dental work you need completed and then pay in affordable monthly payments.

Cosmetic Dentistry Accepted & Emergency Dentistry Accepted

No Pre-existing Conditions & 0% Interest Plans Available

online dental appoitnment
Shop & save on dentulu products

Shop & Save on Dental products

  • Shop from dentist recommended and approved dental products with confidence
  • Browse through one of kind products that you can’t find anywhere else
  • Dental Monitoring and Dental Emergency Kits Available
  • Hassle free shipping to the Continental United States

Reserve a traveling dentist to your house, Workplace, or location of choice!

Concerned about going to the dental office? Why not have the dental office come to you? That’s right! Find, choose, and reserve a dental provider to come to you and avoid the traffic and that dental office smell with Dentulu’s nationwide network of mobile dental professionals.

  • Avoid the traffic and waiting rooms
  • Get your dental work done privately and discreetly
  • Save time & money while getting personalized attention
  • Reduce dental anxiety and fear by changing the environment
traveling dentist to your house

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access dental health records from integrated services

Access your Dental health records from integrated devices

Advanced technology coupled with centralized HIPAA compliant cloud servers allow you to access your records anytime and anywhere.

Whether you are on a laptop, Smartphone, or tablet you can access your account easily, safely, and securely.

Give title or tag your images for easy search

Get a Dentist’s point of view with a hand held camera that shows you what the dentist can see directly on your phone or computer. The MouthCam is an early detection and remote patient monitoring tool that can help catch problems before they get out of hand

Mouthcam - dental camera